Ode to the Ordinary: Let’s find some fun in the mundane (and why not a dirty martini to wash it down)

January 25 2024 – Deb Uglem

Ode to the Ordinary: Let’s find some fun in the mundane (and why not a dirty martini to wash it down)
Ode to the Ordinary: Let’s find some fun in the mundane (and why not a dirty martini to wash it down)

Ah, the everyday. That morning cup of coffee, commutes, laundry piles, emails and kitchen cleaning that never ends. Thrilling stuff? Nope.

Most of us treat the average day the same, chugging it down just to get to the weekend. But I have an idea. I propose a radical act of rebellion: let's celebrate the ordinary. Let's find diamonds in the dust bunnies, symphonies in the hum of the fridge, and, yes, even joy in the parking lot gods smiling upon us.

Because here's the thing: life ain't a one-way ticket to Coachella. It's messy, sometimes boring and feels like a winding road trip to the same destination. It’s time to look around, find the joy lurking around every corner, disguised as the barista remembering your latte order, the sun warming your face on a crisp morning, or even – gasp – finding the perfect parking spot on these cold winter days.

This hit home for me today when I opened my new potholders. I was due. Now I am not much of a cook and if I’m honest I’m not known for my meal prep. But man, these made my day. To clarify, I picked up some new shiny blue oven mitts and I have to say—I started smiling the minute they were opened. Might be one of the best things to happen to me this week. I celebrated with a very nice dirty martini and reruns of White Collar.

It may not be potholders for you but think, do you remember that time you found a twenty tucked in a jacket pocket? The universe just high-fived you with free money, my friend. Celebrate! Did you ace that presentation without breaking a sweat? Boom, tiny parade in your honor. Spotted a rainbow after a downpour? Don't just Instagram it, do a jig, sing to the heavens, paint the town red – the possibilities are endless.

The point is, to stop waiting for life to be extraordinary before we start living it. The extraordinary is woven into the ordinary, like the olives in your dirty martinis. It's in the laughter of strangers, the warmth of the sun, the unexpected ‘way to go’ from a co-worker. It’s even in the no line at Costco when you’re ready to check out.

So, raise a glass (dirty or otherwise) to the everyday. To the unsung heroes– the parking space gods, the surprise discounts, the perfectly timed traffic lights. After all, a life well-lived isn't about the grand fireworks, it's about the sparklers we light every single day.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a martini to enjoy and pot holders to admire. Cheers to the ordinary, you glorious, messy everyday!

P.S. Don't forget the olives. The joy is in the details, people.

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  • Alison: January 25, 2024
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    You said it Sister!! Feeling grateful and celebrating the ordinary is the only way to go! Good message – I needed this today!!

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