Perfect Anytime!

The design is simple and elegant – it works well for casual or fancy events, and it is dishwasher safe! That’s a huge plus!

Lisa, Owner of 2 Platters & 3 Party Discs

For Everything!

The reason I purchased my party platters were for charcuterie boards, but I found they work great for dessert trays, appetizers or other finger foods.

Annette, Owner of 2 Party Platters & 6 Party Discs

For Any Event!

My fiancé and I love having friends over, and the Party Platter let's us serve a themed classy spread on literally any occasion.

Tyler, Owner of 1 Party Platter & 3 Party Discs

Transform Any Gathering with the Interchangeable Party Platter

Tired of cluttered counters and mismatched serveware when hosting? Our innovative Party Platter upgrades your hosting game with easy, breezy style.

Simply swap the interchangeable display disc to match any occasion. From birthdays to holidays and game days, this platter becomes the perfect one-stop serving solution.

The Benefits You'll Love:

- All-in-one entertainware for - every event
- Quickly adapts with interchangeable discs
- Eliminates serveware clutter & washing

- Creates an effortless, cohesive look
- Perfect 10" diameter
- Durable porcelain construction
- Designed & handcrafted in the USA

Elevate your next party with the platter that celebrates every reason worth gathering. Make hosting easier than ever with the Party Platter.



Say hello to the Party Platter.

The life of the party just got a whole lot easier! The Party Platter has an interchangeable disc, you can switch for any special occasion or holiday, making every gathering uniquely unforgettable. No more juggling between a mountain of serving pieces! Whether it's a birthday bash, a cozy Thanksgiving dinner, or your favorite team’s tailgate, our Party Platter's got you covered. Elevate your hosting game and let your creativity shine with Jane Fifteen Thirty's Party Platter. Cheers to a platter that's always in the party spirit!

Party Platter
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