Grab a Chair, It's Dinner Time - Forks, Fun & Family

February 01 2024 – Deb Uglem

Grab a Chair, It's Dinner Time - Forks, Fun & Family
Grab a Chair, It's Dinner Time - Forks, Fun & Family

The Table: Forks, Fun, & Family - It’s Dinner Time!

Forget white tablecloths and Michelin stars, my friends. My love affair with food starts at the heart of the home - the table. Growing up, dinner wasn't about gourmet meals; it was about mom and dad and four kids around that solid wood table, armed with mismatched cutlery and questionable table manners. Mom, bless her soul, would conjure up culinary magic with a repertoire of Midwest delights that got me through childhood. Meatloaf, hotdish, mountains of buttery mashed potatoes (carbs who?), and vegetables that I learned to love. Don't get me wrong, there weren't nightly gratitude circles around our kitchen table. More often, the soundtrack was a symphony of "chew with your mouth closed!" and the occasional fork-flinging incident (yes, my sister got jabbed. Don't ask).

Fast forward a few decades, and there I was, captain of my own food-fueled circus. Dinner was still a ritual, the dining room a battleground (okay, maybe a playful arena) for my four miniature versions of my past self. I’d catch myself repeating familiar phrases - "one hand in your lap!" - but my heart swells with pride at their surprisingly decent table manners (blame Grandma, or maybe a tiny bit of inherited skill?).

For me, the table isn't just a place to fuel up; it's a connection. My fondest memories are woven around meals – frozen pizza after games, crockpot casseroles, and kitchen dance parties fueled by macaroni and cheese. Here's the thing: food isn't just fuel, it's a conversation starter, a laughter-inducer, a memory-maker.

Fast forward another decade and you’ll find me laughing at my dad’s jokes around the table whipping up Saturday morning memories with my kids and parents, and perfecting those Midwest delights with my in-laws, kids and grandkids on Sunday nights. I want to keep creating those memories with my family and friends, so we do. I don’t see that changing. Some habits . . .

I want your table traditions to be lively and long. So, start. Celebrate a new job with a cheese board so epic it should have its own zip code. Throw a pizza party that doubles as a therapy session for adulting woes. This is about celebrating the everyday, the messy, the moments that make life sing. It's about turning Tuesday taco night into a fiesta, and Sunday brunch into a mimosa-fueled extravaganza. No reason needed, just good company, good grub, and good vibes. Every occasion, big or small, deserves a beautiful canvas for the messy masterpieces of life.

So, raise a fork (or a glass, or a pizza slice, you do you) to the table, the heart of the home, the stage for life's most delicious moments. And remember, even if your culinary skills are limited to perfecting the art of burnt toast, the magic of the table comes from the connections we forge, the laughter we share, and the memories we make.

Cheers to messy memories and unforgettable meals!

P.S. If you're looking for a little something special for your next table-top adventure, check out Jane 1530's Vary Entertaining Collection. Trust me, your dinner might still be a culinary mystery, but at least the dishes will look fabulous!

P.S.S. This isn't your grandma's china (unless your grandma was a total rockstar).


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