Super Bowl Sunday: Forget the Gym, Embrace the Guacamole!

February 08 2024 – Deb Uglem

Super Bowl Sunday: Forget the Gym, Embrace the Guacamole!
Super Bowl Sunday: Forget the Gym, Embrace the Guacamole!

Calling all last-minute party planners! Forget calorie counting and gym routines, embrace the guacamole and football frenzy because Super Bowl Sunday is almost here! Don't worry, even if you haven't sent out fancy invitations or prepped a gourmet spread, you can still throw a memorable bash. Here's some tips  how:

The Guest List – Forget Fancy Focus On Fun

Forget the air-kissing acquaintances. This is about your chosen family, the ones who understand your terrible sports puns and still love you after accidental drink spills. These are the friends who'll dissect plays like Shakespearean scholars and gush over cool commercials. They're the party, not the Instagram-worthy spread. So, grab your phone and text your favorites.

Food Glorious Food (and I don’t mean kale chips)

This Sunday isn’t the time for quinoa salad and unbuttered popcorn. Hit Costco for a giant tub of guacamole and a mountain of chips. Order enough wings and sauces to rival a sports bar, and snag that fun football-shaped cake. Think Kansas City BBQ or San Francisco sourdough – embrace the city spirit! The only regret you'll have is squeezing into those skinny jeans (and maybe that fourth helping of chili).

Games and Cocktails (because why not?)

The game's the star, but let's face it, sometimes the commercials steal the show. Keep the energy high with fun, accessible games. From classic squares pools to creative drinking games based on commercials or on the number of times you see Taylor Swift, unleash your inner party animal. Speaking of fun, mix up Kansas City's signature Horsefeather(a whiskey mule twist) or San Francisco's historic martini (bonus trivia points for its origin story!). After all, what's a party without a little liquid cheer (and maybe forgetting that questionable ref call)?

So, there you have it, procrastinators! With a little effort, good company, and some indulgent food choices, you can turn your last-minute scramble into a Super Bowl party for the ages. Now get out there, have fun, and maybe even win that pool!

Let me know how it goes!

P.S. If you are wondering what I am doing for Super Bowl Sunday I’m taking a notes from my mom’s playbook—hanging with the family, wearing my cozies, eating in the living, and teaching those grandbabies what the Super Bowl is all about. Yes, there will be wings involved.

wings for super bowl party


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