Time to unwrap 3 Fab Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining

December 01 2023 – Deb Uglem

Time to unwrap 3 Fab Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining
Time to unwrap 3 Fab Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining


Holiday Hosting Unwrapped!

Hey there, festive friend! The holidays are ringing the bell, and so is the stress, right? But hold onto your Santa hat because entertaining doesn't have to be a juggling act. Let’s look at some tips for stress-free hosting where the only thing overwhelming is the fun!

Tip 1: Mastermind and Simplify

So, picture this: a stress-free holiday gathering. How do you get there? It's all in the planning game! Break down your hosting checklist into manageable tasks and assign timelines. Whip up a plan that's so easy-breezy it practically plans itself. Think invitations, menu planning, decorating, and themes. Basically, make a list and check it twice! Don’t forget to delegate where you can. Yes, the kids can clean, and Costco is a great go to for ready-made delights.

Tip 2: Embrace Quirkiness and Flexibility

Why stick to the same old, same old? Bring in the fun! Think funky themes like Christmas in Vegas, or karaoke night with a Christmas twist. And when the unexpected drops by uninvited (it always does!), embrace it. The best stories often come from unplanned moments.

Tip 3: Me-Time and Party-Time Balance

Don't forget your own ho-ho-ho happiness. It is your party. Remember, you're the host, and a happy host means happy guests. Balance the chaos with your own moments of joy! You do have to make sure there’s ice but take time to sit down and enjoy that dirty martini (or two) with your friends. In short, join in those reindeer games.

Wrapping it Up: A Gift of Stress-Free Hosting

Tying a bow on our stress-free hosting guide, remember this: the holiday spirit comes in moments, not perfection. One of most fun and memorable holiday gatherings I hosted was when we ran out of food and let’s just say my daughter’s gingerbread house took the hit. Have fun and embrace the unexpected.

Happy Holiday Hosting!


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