My Mom is the Greatest

May 09 2021 – Deb Uglem

My Mom is the Greatest
My Mom is the Greatest
Best Mom Ever

I’m not one for gushy mother’s day posts mostly because it is hard to find the words that describe who she is and what she does. But she deserves a shout out so here goes.

My mom is the greatest! 


Because, I don’t remember a time she wasn’t there. She raised four awesome kids (even if I do say so myself and I think my brothers and sister would agree). She taught us to be confident and strong and the importance of character. She showed us what a great marriage looks like (I guess Dad helped with that) and that unconditional love does exist. She helped my dad start a business and then started her own. She’s smart, beautiful and my biggest fan.

Today, I see her in my actions. I just hope for my kids’ sake there's enough of her in me.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!


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