Jane 1530 says thanks!

May 05 2021 – Deb Uglem

Jane 1530 says thanks!
Jane 1530 says thanks!

Golf clothes that fit

This week marks a special anniversary for me. On May 1, 2018 I introduced Jane Fifteen Thirty to the world. Well, I guess I introduced it to the Moorhead Country Club in the form of a trunk show but it could have also been found on the world wide web that day, so it’s kinda the world. 

It’s been three years of pop up shops, fabric searches, PGA shows, email campaigns, late nights, website upgrades, social media campaigns, new designs, listening, learning and course correcting and then of course, course correcting again. 

I remember the first PGA show I attended. I had a business license but the ideas, designs, and products were still  in my head. I just knew golf clothes didn’t fit me and I wanted to fix it. So this was a business trip with the goal of walking the show floor for research. I told myself I needed  to answer some questions like, should I have a booth at this show, would it produce sales, who is the competition. 

I had a million thoughts going through my mind as I stood in line to register. My husband literally had to push me on to the show floor. I now realize that trip was for me to figure out if I was just plain crazy or crazy like a fox for wanting to start a business. The verdict might still be out on that one. But, I’m sticking with the latter. 

So this Wednesday I am sending a big thank you out to my friends, family, customers. There is no way to repay you for hosting, working, purchasing, and selling you have done. I can’t even begin to put into words what the support has meant to me. 

And because this is What to Wear Wednesday I have to show you some clothes. Today, I am hitting the golf course and wearing my club’s logo (and my Doris Pants of course) as a big thank you to the MCC for giving Jane 1530 a chance. Thank Chris and Goose. I owe you one!


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