Busy Days Call for Comfy Outfits

May 12 2021 – Deb Uglem

Busy Days Call for Comfy Outfits
Busy Days Call for Comfy Outfits
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Spring is here and it’s time for your “on the go” outfit. If you are heading to the grocery store, picking up kids, dropping off dry cleaning, or meeting someone for cocktails (or maybe all that is on your agenda for the day) you need a comfy outfit. 

I have been having a couple of busy but fun weeks. Next week will make four shows over the last three weeks that lead up to a wholesale event in Dallas in the upcoming month. So I got up this morning thinking about comfort and a zoom call. I grabbed my Raw Neck GOLF Tee, pulled on my favorite black jeans, paired them with a Banana Republic long black cardigan (check the link it's on sale) and my favorite Ecco navy shoes (check the link these are on sale too at DSW!) and got to work. 

I got so much done today and was still feeling pretty comfortable so thought I better share this one on What to Wear Wednesday. See selfie above. This outfit works great for a weather changing spring day. If you don’t have a cardigan in your closet, throw on that jean jacket or jazz it up with a black blazer. 

If you need even more suggestions for layering see below! You can find them all in The Turn Collection.

Life is a course. Dress well.

Have a great Wednesday!

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