It's time!

March 03 2020 – admin

It's time!
It's time!

It’s here. The PGA show starts this week and Jane Fifteen Thirty is pretty excited. I’m packed and ready to hit Orlando tomorrow and for the first time in weeks I have a calmness. It’s hard to explain how it feels to have the opportunity to share this brand with this audience. For the last year I have been focused on improving the brand and its offering. My number one goal was to create a game changing golf line for women. A line that would help women enjoy the game and life.

I have filled my time with fabric sampling, new products, new designs, and feedback. Spent countless hours perfecting each and every item. It has all been worth it! Jane Fifteen Thirty is not only a golf clothing line it’s a lifestyle. We created a design that allows women to enjoy the game in comfortable clothes that actually fit. It’s funny how simple that is as a concept. We looked at everyday life of women and realized everyone likes to surround themselves with things they love. Things that are functional as well as beautiful. Things that remind them of good times and good friends. So, we added products and they are oh so beautiful!

Before I head to Florida, I have to thank some of my people. My friends have been outstanding. It’s great to have people around you that understand you and jump in and help before you even ask. My family has been great, always there with words of encouragement when needed. And of course, a big thank you to Tim. He has seen the good, the bad, the ugly of building a brand and he is still my biggest fan.

Last night I found myself at one of my favorite restaurants. The home of many meetings and brainstorming sessions (and probably the best tasting lavash ever). I read a quote off the marquee sign as I was leaving that said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. It seemed so fitting for me to see. Jane 1530 has taken some simple ideas and have turned them into a great brand for women golfers. Thanks, Cork’n Cleaver for the boost I needed heading into next week.

Life is a course. Play well.


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