Traveling Well

March 03 2020 – admin

Traveling  Well
Traveling Well
Jane 1530 has been on the road the last couple of months. We started at the Michigan Golf Show. What a great event. I met some new friends and of course did a little shopping of my own. Then I headed to Wakonda Club in Des Moines. More great people and fun. I love introducing Jane's products to golfers. However, I have to admit I normally don't like the driving part. But, that is all changing. Lately, I have been traveling well.

I start the journey with great music and very loud singing. In my mind I can rival anyone on the Voice. I am almost positive that Blake would turn he's chair for me! Of course there are no judges and just me in the car so you will have to take my word for it. I've been following up my performances with some audio books. It totally makes the time go by fast. My latest great "reads" are "How To Make S*#@T Happen" and "How To Think Like A Freak". Let's just say I am pretty motivated. Ok, ok, ok. . . I will admit I have mixed in a couple murder mystery and a romance novels too.

All of this helps pass the time but the secret to traveling well is the company you keep. Over the last month in addition to meeting Jane 1530 fans, I have had the privilege of having dinner with two of my kids, staying a two of my nephews house, cuddling my great-nephew and visiting with my sister. Life doesn't get much better than that!

Life is a course. Play well. Or better yet travel well!


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