Life Is A Course

March 03 2020 – admin

Life Is A Course
Life Is A Course

Welcome to Jane Fifteen Thirty. I am so excited to introduce you to your new “go-to” company for women’s golf apparel.

Who am I? Deb Uglem Founder and CEO. That sounds so official! I am also a wife, mother of four and of course a golfer. I use the term golfer loosely. I should probably just say I love to golf. I have worked in corporate marketing and sales for over 25 years and now call that my previous life as Jane 1530 is my new full-time job. I’m loving it.

Let’s start with why Jane 1530 was born. I have been a golfer for 20 years and my number one struggle was finding women golf clothes that fit. The shirts were always to short, the pants uncomfortable and the shorts unflattering. I had a closet full of golf clothes that weren’t quite right. So, I started to wear outfits that weren’t necessarily made for golfing or any sporting event. That certainly didn’t work. I just couldn’t find what I wanted so I decided to create it. It took me a while, but I found a mix of great fabrics and detailed design to fit a variety of body types while still maintaining fashion and athletic goals. I can’t wait for you to try the pieces. They are a game changer!

What can you expect from the blog? We’ll talk a lot of golf—tee times, fashion, rules, 19th hole, etc. We’ll also hit on topics about life off the course—home life, wine, motherhood and hashtags. I started this company because I want all women regardless of their size, skill level or experience to feel confident on and off the golf course. I am so excited to share Jane 1530 and build a community of confident, fun and game changing women. It’s time to get started. Life is a Course.


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