Is there a dress doctor in the house?

March 16 2022 – Deb Uglem

Is there a dress doctor in the house?
Is there a dress doctor in the house?

It happens every day. You get up and decide what you’re going to wear. Is it going to lunch day, staying in laundry day, meetings at the office, interviewing for a new job, or maybe it’s the golf course for a round kinda day. Sometimes it may feel like you need a Dress Doctor. 

That’s when an Edith Head kinda attitude comes in handy. Long before today’s long list of celebrity stylists there was Edith Head known as the original Dress Doctor. She made her career by dressing people for the day ahead. She made Grace Kelly, Clark Gable, Doris Day and Audrey Hepburn stand out in a crowd. She worked for Paramount for years and finished her career at Universal Studios and was the first woman to head a design department at a major studio. Pretty cool and I guess eight Academy Awards say you know what you're doing.  

So this What to Wear Wednesday I challenge you to live through Edith who says, “You can have anything you want if you dress for it”. Maybe you want to break a hundred, maybe you want to get your first birdie or play your first 18 holes. Dress for it and it can happen. It’s a game changer and a confidence builder. Now Edith says it so eloquently but this idea has built every piece of clothing in the Jane 1530 collection.

I am so excited the new collection is in production and is coming soon. Today you can take a look at our Donna Skort in white and our red stripe jersey. Don’t worry we kept the cut the same. Longer length shirts, flattering but forgiving shapes. The skorts have the same great material and meshing that keep their shape and a waistband that won’t roll (and yes the underskort prevents chafing).

Believe anything is possible. 

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. Fun fact Edith also designed all of Endora’s clothing on Bewitched. I added this one for my sister–it was her all time favorite show. Your welcome Donna.  

P.S.S. Another fun fact my sister named her daughter Samantha after the Bewitched lead character. She really loved that show!


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