Zen There Done That

March 23 2022 – Deb Uglem

Zen There Done That
Zen There Done That

I read a book once about living the Zen life. It was back when my kids were little, like  4, 6, 6 and 7, kinda little. It was an attempt to calm the chaos around me. I am not sure it worked for that but I do remember a couple things. 

There was all kinds of good stuff in that book. Learning to live in your true self. The true self is certain, the true self is at peace, yada, yada, yada. If you have your Zen all together, good for you. Keep it up! But for me it’s hard to be at peace, when your sump pump isn’t working, the kitchen isn’t clean and your husband keeps leaving his socks on the floor in the living room. So I wouldn’t say I have this practice down to a science, but I try. 

There is one thing I remember from that book and focus on each day and that’s this Wednesday’s What to Wear (Set).  Zen says, “Live every moment to the fullest.” To me that means whatever you’re doing cherish the moment. It’s exactly where you should be, celebrate it and make it special. If you are having coffee, put it in your favorite cup. Want a cup a tea, put it in the china tea cup you got from your grandma. On the course, forget everything else and enjoy the round and the company. 

So this Wednesday let's set the best lunch table. Get out the cloth napkins, invite your golf friends over and start scheduling that spring round. Sandwiches taste better on themed plates and cocktails go down easier in a red low ball. Celebrate the moment and make it special. I promise it will be fun!

Enjoy your Wednesday and every other day too. 


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