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March 03 2020 – admin

Jane Fifteen Thirty Creates Game Changing Design

(Fargo, ND – December, 8 2018) Jane Fifteen Thirty has created a game changing line for women who golf. Founder & CEO Deb Uglem started golfing over 20 years ago and found one of the biggest issues was finding clothing. Over the last three years Jane 1530 has worked to create a line for all women. The goal was to combine fit and fabric to create universal fashion. The result is women’s golf wear with great patterns and colors that fit women.

Uglem has been a part of athletics for most of her life. She participated in various sports throughout high school and played college basketball for Drake University. Now, golf has become her athletic outlet. She is no stranger to competing and believes if an athlete looks good, they feel good and they play good. “Golf is a game of confidence and mind control. If you don’t feel good in your clothes or your spending time worrying about what you look like you will struggle on the course,” Uglem claims. “Confidence is a game changer.” She also realized that for women, walking on to a course, into a clubhouse and competing can be intimating. The last thing a golfer should worry about is what to wear.

Great Fit, Perfect Fabric, Universal Fashion

Jane 1530 was designed with a woman in mind every step of the way. Uglem says they simply solved problems. “I found myself searching for something to wear to the golf course,” Uglem said. “I tried on everything. Golf clothing just didn’t fit so I worked with what I had in my closet and that didn’t perform. I decided I needed to fix it.”

Jane 1530 eliminated buttons and tags and line features include longer shirts that stay in place while you swing, and bottoms that include a custom jacquard elastic waistband that moves with you but stays in place when you bend and twist. The cut is fitted enough to give you shape but forgiving enough to be comfortable. This design was merged with the perfect fabric. Jane 1530 went through several prototypes before landing on a fabric that feels great and functions for the woman athlete. The wicking fabric stretches, resist wrinkles and doesn’t fade, bag or sag during wear. They also realized that women come in all shapes and sizes and that great design and performance should be available everyone. There smart minimal design is available in sizes small to 4X. Jane 1530 calls this universal fashion.

About Jane Fifteen Thirty

Jane Fifteen Thirty is a lifestyle brand for women’s golf apparel and accessories founded in 2015 and located Fargo, North Dakota. The company started with one simple idea. Women’s golf clothes should fit women. Attitude, creative minds and research created a perfect combination of high-end fabrics, fit and design—all while keeping women in mind. Products include golf apparel, housewares, and gifts. The result a lifestyle brand that’s perfect for golf and life. Life is a course. Play well.


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