Where in the world is . . .What to Wear Wednesday?

September 07 2022 – Deb Uglem

Where in the world is . . .What to Wear Wednesday?
Where in the world is . . .What to Wear Wednesday?

I am sure you have all been searching your inbox the last couple of months for that Jane 1530 email. Well, it’s been a summer of travel, shows, pop-up shops and of course golf. I’ve spent the summer really diving deep into the business. Talking with wholesale accounts, friends, and family about what Jane 1530 is about. What new products should be and what the future looks like. Which lead me to back to the past. What is my story anyway? 

I’ve always wanted to own my own business, build something from the ground up. The idea stayed in the back of head for years, I mean years. Waiting for the golden idea, special product, my hidden gift to share with the world.

Then it hit me. What am I doing? I mean literally doing? How was I spending my day in and day out for the last 30 years. It took me getting married, having four children, five jobs, seven new houses and many glasses of wine to figure it out. The answer . . .I’ve been trying to master the art of living well.

What is the art living well? To me it’s solving the problems that are stopping you from moving forward, trying the next thing, building that game changing confidence. Doing what you love and doing it well. In a word - contentment.

That is what Jane 1530 is all about. A company dedicated to family, golf, home, and living well. All the things I love and continue to learn about, and problem solve daily. I’m not about perfection, but I am about making things better, easier and fun. My experience over the last 30 years has helped. I’ve managed everything, from four kids under the age of four to a store team of over 300 employees and 47 million in sales. Believe it or not they are very similar—problem solving, building confidence, genuine caring and letting others know, “you can too.”

Since the launch Jane 1530 has evolved into a lifestyle brand whose inclusive sizing and women-centric products are bridging the gap between women who love golf and the golf course.  We continue to change and expand our offering with a collection of gifts, household items and accessories inspired by an active happy life. The result is the perfect combination of fashion, function, and confidence to help you live well and play well.

I feel energized to bring you more products, content and entertainment that I hope makes your day a little bit brighter. What to Wear Wednesday will be back in action along with information on building great relationships, home décor, golf and of course Jane 1530 product. I hope you join me every step of the way.  

Who knows what's next! Stay connected through our email list, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Time to start living well.



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