Counting to 5 can get you ready for golf

September 06 2022 – Deb Uglem

Counting to 5 can get you ready for golf
Counting to 5 can get you ready for golf

I hear it every morning. Sometimes I’m watching the news and sipping coffee. Sometimes I am starting a load of laundry. Most times he (my husband that is) is standing right in front of me counting to five before he kisses me goodbye and heads to work. That’s right counting to five proudly. Wallet, badge, keys, glasses, and phone—that’s five. Sounds a little OCD but it’s effective.

I thought this can translate to a trip to the golf course. I don’t know how many times I have arrived at the golf course and said, “I can’t believe I forgot” . . . so, in the interest of learning from mistakes I created a list of the top five things you need before you leave for the golf course.

  1.  Clubs-seems obvious but there’s more to just clubs. Of course, you need the actual clubs, but check your bag for golf balls, tees, hat, sunscreen. If you are low on supplies the pro shop can help you out. But it’s good to know your inventory before you arrive. On the girly side I carry hair ties, bobby pins, foundation with sunscreen, band aids, hairbrush, and ibuprofen (don’t forget ibuprofen!). I call that small makeup bag, “my just in case bag”.
  2. Clothes—of course we are talking clothes. If you golf, I’m sure you have your favorite outfit. Hopefully there is one or two pieces from Jane 1530! If your new to golf don’t worry. Wear comfortable clothes that you can sweat in. Golf is a sport so pick something you can move in. Polos, short, skort, pants just be comfortable. No golf shoes no problem tennis shoes will work. If you’re worried about the dress code, most clubs will have it posted on their websites. A quick google search will put your mind at ease.
  3. Bluetooth speaker – YES, absolutely. Golf is fun. Dance your way through the round. One tip—make sure to ask your fellow players if they mind 80’s rock during their round. I use the JBL portable. Find it on amazon here.
  4. Money – You do need to pay your green and cart fees and snacks, water, cocktails are usually all available around the course. So don’t forget your wallet.
  5. 19th Hole Stuff – Some (me included) may say the best part of the round is the 19th After the round it’s time to head to the club house or patio and break it down. Bring extra shoes so you can change out of your golf shoes. Sweatshirt/sweater so you don’t get chilled in the club house. And no kidding aside check out my muff travel packs for a little freshen up. They work.

Well- there you have it. We’ve counted to five before heading to the course. If I’ve missed something let me know by leaving a comment. And as you get into the car don’t forget the most important item--a great attitude. Be confident. Enjoy the day. Remember golf is a game and games are fun!


Life is a course. Play well.


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