The best shorts for summer!

August 04 2021 – Deb Uglem

The best shorts for summer!
The best shorts for summer!
golf shorts

It's been an exciting week for Jane 1530. I've been prepping for the PGA Show and will hit the road this weekend. Super excited to meet some new friends and visit with some old friends. Not to mention I get to show them new product and holiday products. Yes it's true, I've been thinking Christmas for some time now! Stay tuned in for the best golf gifts ever! 

I found myself packing product and shipping product and I did it all in my Nicki Shorts and black button down. The Nicki Short was named after my good friend, you guessed it Nicki. She loves to golf in shorts and I think if you asked she would say these are her favorite. They are available in birdie blue, black, grey and red. After all the running around was done. I found myself sitting on the deck enjoying a break and of course was over the top comfortable. :) Check out all the details shorts below. 

Have a great Wednesday!


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