Do you have time for coffee?

August 11 2021 – Deb Uglem

Do you have time for coffee?
Do you have time for coffee?
great golf pants in black

This Wednesday we are relaxing with a cup of coffee. This is a picture of my favorite spot in the house  to have a cup of coffee. I will say in the summer I do prefer the patio, but this is second best. I just feel like the sunlight helps me think and I love that footstool. Got it at Target. Here’s a link if you want to check it out. 

Of course Jane 1530 has the perfect outfit for you. It starts with our best selling Doris Pant in black paired with one of my favorite tanks. I am telling you these pants work with everything. And dare I say the coffee tastes better in a GOLF mug, why yes it does! You can choose from five designs at  

Hope your coffee is tasting great and you have a wonderful Wednesday.


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