Fall for the perfect pant

September 28 2022 – Deb Uglem

Fall for the perfect pant
Fall for the perfect pant

How’s your Fall going?

I have to say here in the Midwest it has been fantastic. The sun has been shining, the temperature has been dropping (but not too much) and the best pants ever have been on full display. This Wednesday we are talking about perfect fall Saturdays and the pants that make them work.

Ever have one of those Saturday’s where everything was just perfect? Weather was great, the company was outstanding and the memory will last forever. I think I just had one. 

I woke up to my grand dog Diggs running up the stairs. Now if I’m honest, that part scared me just a little. But it would probably rank as my husband's best part of the day (he really loves that dog).

My daughter and granddaughter were right behind Diggs. Smiles on both of those beautiful faces. Just makes me smile thinking about it. My daughter was off to coach her volleyball team and Isabelle was snuggling in for a morning with Grandma and afternoon with Grandpa.

That afternoon was a wonderful bridal shower celebrating my almost daughter-in-law. I met some new people and of course who doesn’t love celebrating love.The day ended with wine and a visit with my mom and before mentioned daughter.


Dropping my mom off that evening I just had to snap a picture of these cuties. Emily Doris and Doris in their Doris Pant.

So the moral of the story?

If you are heading out to do anything from coaching volleyball to bridal showers, the Doris pant is the ticket.

I’m telling you–you can wear these anywhere!


Happy Wednesday.

P.S. For reference below is a picture of Diggs.I guess he doesn’t look that scary.


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