Wrapping up your favorite pants!

November 02 2022 – Deb Uglem

Wrapping up your favorite pants!
Wrapping up your favorite pants!

Everyone says it but, it is really hard to believe that we are starting the countdown to the holiday season. So in that spirit, What to Wrap Wednesday is here to help. 

Today we are wrapping up the perfect pant. 

The Doris Pant has been our best seller since we launched. It has sold out four times has been produced in eight colors and will be featured this holiday season in gift guides across the country. It’s everyone’s favorite for a reason, or maybe many reasons.

What’s interesting about our best seller and what people don’t know is when I started Jane 1530 the goal was to make the perfect golf shirt (which, I think we did a pretty good job getting done– check those out here). Once the shirt was in production, I thought what are they going to wear this with? The answer was to make the perfect pant to complete the outfit and boy did we ever. We have been selling out ever since. 

Bonus trivia for you– The Doris Pant is named after my mom and just so you know she’s pretty perfect too!

Have a great Wednesday! There are 53 days until Christmas. Time to start wrapping some things up! I promise these pants will be a big hit.

P.S. These are great for holiday parties. You may want to grab a pair for yourself!


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