The Turn

March 02 2021 – Deb Uglem

The Turn
The Turn

There are so many things I love about golf. Birdie putts, great company, beautiful courses, hitting bombs (hopefully), sunny afternoons, cart cruising, course cocktails and the list goes on. Golf is just fun! I consider myself extremely lucky to have a job that has me around this great game.

Having said that, the last year has been pretty crazy and hasn't been without it's challenges. Events were scheduled, cancelled, and then rescheduled only to be cancelled again. I am sure you all can relate. I'm glad 2020 is over. This last year changed the way I lived. My day to day life shifted gears. I stayed in more, dressed differently, thankfully golf courses were open and I got to play. I worked hard and thought about my business …a lot. The result is The Turn.

The Turn is Jane 1530's new collection. It has pieces that work well on the course and everywhere else. Classic prints and the same great design that flatters and fits. The housewares have elegant design and allow you to bring your golf style home. T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets mix great with jeans and your favorite golf pants so you look put together without compromising comfort.  

Why call it The Turn? The Turn in golf has so much promise. With a fresh nine in front of you it's a new beginning, a chance to set a goal, leave the mistakes behind, live in the moment, make changes, get comfortable and have fun. And that is exactly what this collection is about. Life is a course. Play well.



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