Love Golf. Will Travel.

June 26 2020 – Deb Uglem

Sometimes you just need to get away. We started taking golf "vacations" years ago. I use the term vacation very loosely, because our golf vacations consisted of a round a golf in town and dinner. During our younger years it was the only time we could find with the kids, work and everything else going on. It really did feel like a vacation, just us and the course. Of course cell phones weren't as big as they are now, so we were truly felt like it was us and course.
So if you need that getaway? Take a day (even if it's in your hometown) with your sweetheart, your sister, your dad, your mom, your friend--you get the idea. Start with breakfast out and plan your day. Go to the course early and warm up. Do nine and stop at the turn for a snack. Pretend that the sand trap really is a beach and take time to really smell the flowers. Finish up and tally your scores over dinner and drinks. You just may feel refreshed and ready to tackle what ever is headed your way. I believe that golf courses have some of the prettiest views. When is the last time you really looked at your course? Have a nice trip!
Life is a course. Play well. 


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