Golf clothes that fit can change your game

April 21 2021 – Deb Uglem

Golf clothes that fit can change your game
Golf clothes that fit can change your game

My golf friends might be cooler than your friends and they love wearing golf clothes...everywhere 

Golf pants and shirts that look great and fit everybody

Last week was fantastic! It felt normal. Jane 1530 held it's first show of the season. It was great to be with people, catching up, looking at clothes and talking golf. Of course, it's always so much fun to show off the golf clothes, new prints and added products. But my favorite part is when ladies try on the pants and realize the waistband is crazy comfortable or when they slip on the golf shirts and notice the fit is just enough so they can swing big without worries. And it never gets old when I hear, "I think I can wear this to work."

This What To Wear Wednesday is featuring some of my favorite golf buddies and they look great in their Jane 1530 gear. We didn't golf at this outing. We weren't even at a golf course. We did however pull together three great casual outfits for the night. So this Wednesday we feature our Sweet Sweater, Doris Pant, Luxe Hoodie, Life is a Course Hoodie and Bomber Rain Jacket. Mix and match these separates with your favorite, jeans, shorts, khakis, and the list goes on. 

Thanks friends for making Jane 1530 look so good!   


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