All About Jane

We all have a story so here’s Jane’s . . .

Jane Fifteen Thirty launched in 2018, but I think it really started years ago when I started golfing. I guess we can chalk that up as research.

Why golf? I love the friends you meet, the courses you visit and the feeling when you sink a birdie putt. It also doesn't hurt that you can sip a cocktail while playing. It’s social and competitive. I rank a 10 out of 10 on both of those. I’m trying to shake the latter but just haven’t mastered that one...yet.

Through all the years of golfing, I have been on the endless search for clothes that fit and gifts that I would actually like to get! 

I love classic timeless design. I love fabrics that feel good and wear well. I believe confidence is magic and believing in yourself can change your game (and your life for that matter).

I love travel, and being home. Exploring new places is more exciting when you know you have that cozy place of your own somewhere. To me home is where your style and comfort find the perfect mix. I love entertaining and pretty dishware but hate grocery shopping, cooking and washing dishes. I guess everything has a yin and yang.

My name isn’t Jane (it's Deb) but I have been known to answer to it. The company was named after my favorites--my kids, Jake, Anthony, Nicholas and Emily. Get it? J-A-N-E 1530. The 15 was my hubby’s college football number and I wore #30 back in the day. I’m really big on nostalgia. 

Jane Fifteen Thirty started with a simple idea. Women’s golf clothes should fit women. It has evolved into something more than that. I believe fashion, style and confidence is for everyone and I truly want to help women learn, love and have fun playing the game of golf. I also think the right pair of pants is a good place to start. Life is a course. Play well.

Hope to see you at a tee box soon,


Founder & CEO Jane Fifteen Thirty Deb Uglem